Why Awaken Intelligence Within?

Mind Body Feel Good logoWe live in a world of increasing choice and it’s necessary to make a choice about what’s good for you on a daily basis; what to do this evening, where to holiday this summer, swipe right or left.

There are many conflicting influences about what’s good for you from newspapers and politicians to people much closer to home like your partner, your children and your friends.

With so much choice and conflicting influences around you, it’s increasingly important to make the right choice for you.

About Mind Body Feel Good

Mind Body Feel Good logoAt Mind Body Feel Good I teach Transformational Breath; a powerful and effective empowerment technique to awaken intelligence within. To strengthen your inner wisdom and guidance.

I believe it’s simple really, you always know what makes you feel good.

When you continually awaken intelligence within and connect to your inner guidance you feel good because you always make the right choice for you.

About Transformational Breath

Mind Body Feel Good logoTransformational Breath is a self empowerment technique of powerful Eastern and Western healing arts including acupressure, the power of intention, sound therapy, movement & affirmations, with conscious diaphragmatic breathing at it’s core.

Diaphragmatic breathing is clinically proven to decrease stress levels and for years, Goldie Hawn has been a fan of Transformational Breath, “I use Transformational Breath to manage stress.”

Transformational Breath UK - Best Complementary Medicine Organisation - ICNM

Despite being a relatively new conscious breathing technique, the power of Transformational Breath cannot be understated. In fact according to Dr. Henry Rohrberg, “One Transformational Breath session is equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy.” 

Additionally Transformational Breath UK has been awarded ‘Best Complementary Medicine Organisation’ by the ICNM, the body responsible for the safe and best practice of Complementary Medicine.

Transformational Breath can be described as a power technique and with each self session lasting only 45 minutes once mastered is perfect for the modern times we live in where time is a precious commodity.

About Ronica Joshi

Mind Body Feel Good logoAfter a decade working as a Marketing Professional in London, I was introduced to Transformational Breath as a way to rediscover a work-life balance whilst in a hard working, often stressful corporate life.

I have worked in management positions in Marketing across a number of blue chip organisations for over 20 years for companies including Unilever, John Lewis Partnership, M&C Saatchi, Virgin and Sony.

I continue to work successfully as a Marketing Professional, Founder of MindBodyFeelGood and Co-Chair of Transformational Breath Foundation UK and continue to use Transformational Breath in my own life.

I have been working with Transformational Breath for over 10 years; 3 years personally developing my own practice and 7 years professionally teaching others.  I continue to practise Transformational Breath everyday and continue to see the daily benefit of being in alignment with myself.

I currently coach professional men and women in this life enhancing technique and to have success in the workplace AND in their personal lives, whether the challenge faced be physical, emotional or mental.

Book Now

Mind Body Feel Good logoAt Mind Body Feel Good I run bespoke Transformational Breath workshops and courses to facilitate extraordinary life changing experiences for you.

Isn’t it time for you to take time out to hear your inner wisdom loud and clear? It’s your access to a life full of feel good.

It’s your key to wellbeing in every area of your life.

Introductory Private Courses – 4 Week or 6 Week Course

All Transformational Breath private sessions are 2 hours in length. We work together to deepen your experience by bringing healing to the yin/yang or receiving/expressing elements of your being as well as working on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of being.

Each appointment is held online. 

Private Sessions are perfect for those with no experience of Transformational Breath wanting a private bespoke experience or those with experience of Transformational Breath wanting to deepen their experience.

Private Sessions are booked as 4 or 6 Week Courses.

Introductory Private Session – £200 (online)

4 Week Course – £750 (online)

6 Week Course – £1000 (online)

Introductory Workshop – 3 hour workshop

Introductory Workshops are perfect for those with no experience of Transformational Breath wanting to experience Transformational Breath in the power of a group.

Transformational Breath Introductory Workshops are 3 hours in length and include one full Transformational Breath session.

3 hour Introductory Workshops are best if you wish to try Transformational Breath and discover whether Transformational Breath is a beneficial tool for you to continue with.

Participation in a 3 hour Introductory Workshop enables you to practise a 100 Breaths Transformational Breath exercise in your own home.

On a 3 hour Introductory Workshop you will learn about the Three Levels of Transformational Breath.

Workshops are held online.

Cost: 3 hour Introductory Workshop – £75.

6 day Personal Seminar Course

The goal of Seminar is to use the Breath to create powerful and permanent personal transformation in a relatively short period. Seminar week begins the process of mastering one’s breath, understanding how it is directly connected to mastering one’s life or life-force, and provide tools and instruction so you may continue self-sessions at home.

The week is packed with numerous ways of working with Transformational Breath so that, post-program, it becomes an important part of your life on a daily basis. There are two to three breath sessions each day.

All Transformational Breath Seminars are 6 days in length and are held twice a year in London.

The 6 Day Personal Seminar is the perfect way to accelerate and deepen your experience giving access to a deeper transformation of self.

The 6 Day Personal Seminar is an official TBF Course that is perfect for shifting ‘stuff’ in part or in many cases in whole and participation in this 6 Day Personal Seminar enables you to become your own Facilitator and facilitate yourself in full 45 minute Transformational Breath sessions, in your own home.

Designed as an exclusive 6 Day Personal Seminar perfect as a wellbeing holiday gift to yourself.

Seminar Activities include:
* Exploring the diversity of full diaphragmatic breathing.
* 100 Breaths Exercise.
* Third Eye Breath Session.
* Underwater Breath Session.
* 8th through 12th Chakra Opening
* Brain Balancing
* Mirror Breathing.
* The Fountain of Youth 5 Tibetan Rites.
* “The Work” Judgment Resolution Process by Byron Katie.
* Soul Dyadic Communication.
* New Energy Technologies.
* Work on the Inner Child.
* Forgiveness Exercise.
* Prosperity Program.
* Sound Healing.
* Breathing Analysis.
* Accupressure Point Body Mapping.
* Pre- and post-session Transformational Coaching.

At the end of this 6 Day Personal Seminar course you are invited to participate in the Professional Transformational Breath training programme.

Led by Nathalie Montille, the most Senior Trainer in the UK with over 20 years experience of Transformational Breath.

Saturday 26th September-Thursday 1st October 2020, 9am-6.30pm in Barnet, London.

Cost: 6 Day Personal Seminar (London) –  £1600.
Costs include: Tuition, all course materials and vegan lunch each day.

7 Day Professional Facilitator Training – Level 4A

PREREQUISITE: Completion of Personal Level Training (either 6-day Seminar or equivalent Levels 1, 2 and 3).

After experiencing the life-changing qualities of the Personal Level Training you may feel called to study and share this work with others.

Level 4 is our Professional Facilitator Training. Level 4 has a specialised focus on Facilitator skills and experience in becoming a professional in Transformational Breath, and leading eventually to certification. Level 4 is split across 2 courses: Level 4A = 7 days. Level 4B = 7 days.

You will develop an understanding of the technique, consciousness, and tools used in Transformational Breath, such as Breath Analysis, Miracle Consciousness, using “The Work”, Psycho-Spiritual body mapping and other hands-on applications, session content, toning, invocations, major areas of integration, introduction to working with clients, unique aspects of Transformational Breath, and Transformational Breath mentoring.

Led by Nathalie Montille, the most Senior Trainer in the UK with over 20 years experience of Transformational Breath.

Sunday 29th November-Saturday 5th December 2020, 9am-7.30pm in Barnet, London.

Cost Information: £1900.
Costs include: Tuition, all course materials and vegan lunch everyday.