About Transformational Breath

Mind Body Feel Good logoTransformational Breath is a self empowerment technique of powerful Eastern and Western healing arts including acupressure, the power of intention, sound therapy, movement & affirmations, with conscious diaphragmatic breathing at it’s core.

Diaphragmatic breathing is clinically proven to decrease stress levels and for years, Goldie Hawn has been a fan of Transformational Breath, “I use Transformational Breath to manage stress.”

Transformational Breath UK - Best Complementary Medicine Organisation - ICNM

Despite being a relatively new conscious breathing technique, the power of Transformational Breath cannot be understated. In fact according to Dr. Henry Rohrberg, “One Transformational Breath session is equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy.” 

Additionally Transformational Breath UK has been awarded ‘Best Complementary Medicine Organisation’ by the ICNM, the body responsible for the safe and best practice of Complementary Medicine.

Transformational Breath can be described as a power technique and with each self session lasting only 45 minutes once mastered is perfect for the modern times we live in where time is a precious commodity.